Public Records

Equiquest offers a wide array of public records products to fit your specific needs. By performing on-site research investigations of state and county court documents, we supply critical information needed to make confident decisions.

Our average turn time on public records core products is 1.5 days.

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Appraisal Services

Equiquest offers a full line of appraisal service, from desktop evaluations and drive-bys, to full appraisals and commercial appraisals. Our team of experts is highly knowledgeable, trained, and experienced in accurately estimating property values.

Our average turn time on Appraisals is 4 days.

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Flood Zone Services

Equiquest offers affordable flood zone determination services, including hazard reports and life-of-loan tracking, and we guarantee the accuracy of our work.

We average a 90% immediate determination rate on flood zone status queries.

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